ReWARD Project
Refraction/Wide-Angle Reflections Database
Unit of Milano 
INGV - Rome

R/WAR italian deep seismic data

Because of the italian Law decree n. 381/99 from early 2001 the Research Institute on Seismic Risk (IRRS) of the italian National Research Council (CNR), became the Milan Section of the new National Institute on Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV-MI). Therefore the old web-site DOL moved into a new and updated one at this new address hosted by an INGV-MI server.

2002 For an effective advancement of the project in the new Institutional frame, an INGV 'DOL' Committee is appointed: Meroni F. (Coordinator), Maistrello M., Augliera P., Rubbia G.  Other collaborators: Camassi R., Musacchio G. (INGV-Milan).
After a meeting at Cilea, still open problems were valuated (step 4, 5, 6 and 7 of the Contract). Possible solutions were examinated; the whole source porting is considered (MySql). Cilea lab. presents an updated picture of the database structure [ html]  
Final Report of the Committee [html files: text  annexed ]. Management's decisions and plan for the project relaunching (5 steps). A call is made to look for possible other INGV Collaborators.
Cilea-Ingv agreement for a complete porting of the database: from the 'Informix' platform to a new open source version (MySQL). Hosting of the old web-site will be freely mainteined on the Cilea server up to the end 2003. A new and 'light' version of the project is valuated (new name proposal: ReWard - Refraction/Wide-Angle Reflection Database). A provisional web-site was set up.
Archive content: old digitized data retrieval, both from Basic_Hp diskettes (local processing) and IBM tapes (Bocconi University and a local Company); problems in data retrieval and processing (lack of digital datasets); progress in the archive construction (raw xls table)
Further experiments on Cilea software modules; development of new tools for site-administration, access monitoring and data processing; new html-pages writing with an extended bibliography; poster presentation at EGS-AGU-EUG Joint Assembly (Nice, 6-11/4); oral presentation of the Calabrian-arc subset at 22nd GNGTS Meeting (Rome, 18-20/11). Contract's conclusion, with final porting of the project into an Ingv-Mi workstation  [pdf / ppt]
Due to some emergencies, the database part of the project is suspended. The final version of the project will be a well organized archive of all active seimic data in Italy and surrounding seas. In the web-site other additional information have been added, such as coordinates (shot-points and rec. points), bibliography and raw Time/Distance plots. A first application using ReWard data is prepared for the XXIX ESC in Potsdam.
A final MASTER table of the whole available data is compiled [pdf].

2005 news:
the new web-site is now completed and available, which illustrates the Italian deep seismic exploration by means of R/WAR data. We took care of insert all the useful information regarding the italian DSS activity, preserved mainly in our old analog 'folders' or archives, mainly, or collected elsewhere. Seismic data (waveforms) are freely available on CDrom upon request (see data info and request section, in home-page).
after 2005 (Maintenance and access monitoring): sometimes, in the years after, a check is made to the web-site access logfile (automatically produced by "Analog" free services, installed in the new server). The last check was made on July 10, 2008 (see Report 2003-2008). Also a new page ("DSS italian history and development") is under construction.

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