ReWARD Project
Refraction/Wide-Angle Reflections Database
Unit of Milano 
INGV - Rome

R/WAR italian deep seismic data

A first project of a seismic database using the web technology, was designed and partially realized in the years 1997-2000 by a preious Working Group, in the frame of the old Institute of the CNR (the 'IRRS' Institute). A short summary of that project DOL is reported.


From the beginning of 2001 the WG has been modified, because of the Law decree N. 381 which transfered the former IRRS Institute from the National Research Council (CNR) into the new National Institute on Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), becoming its 'Unit' of Milan.

ReWARD Project 2002-2004: new design and persons
In 2002 the old 'DOL' project was completely reviewed by an ad-hoc Board, in order to check and fix the available data and their 'status', to analize the technical procedures adopted both for processing and for web dissemination, to design new 'light' internet based approaches and to look for new Collaborators. Also the possibility to become part of a future 'Euro-mediterranian' project was later considered.
In agreement with the final proposal of such Board (1), some criteria were fixed which outlined the 'light' version of the new Project soon called ReWARD, an acronym for:  Refraction / Wide-Angle Reflection Database.
  • DATA:
    • verify all the digital (or digitized) available data and control their 'status' (for the right of property);
    • complete the retrieval of all the available digital data sets (with special regards to the old data stored in the digital IBM-style tapes) and, when possible, digitize the available 'historical' analog magnetic tapes, with original recordings;
    • collect all the data into a unique hard-disk volume on a powerful PC;
    • processing
      • check all the records, to control their 'header' completeness;
      • realize new modules to convert the waveform data in a common format (Seg-Y);
    • look for possible Collaborators in the new project, in and out the INGV;
  • WEBSITE (old and new):
    • keep active the old DOL-2000 website up to the end of 2003, and activate its migration into the new Project ReWARD;
    • new Project website (style and contents criteria):
      • create a new and light database scheme, possibly using commercial common software, to be integrated in the new website;
      • avoid heavy graphical (GIS or other) implementations; 
      • use the web mainly for description of the experiments and the auxiliary data access; the waveforms could be distributed upon request;
      • produce a significative prototype (with a subset of seismic data concerning a selected area of interest) within the end of 2003;
      • implement some interactive tool to monitor the user access and activity.

2002-'04: Working Group activity and products

The people involved in the ReWARD project has been(2)
- Dr. Mariano Maistrello - INGV (Unit of Milan) 
- Dr. Gemma Musacchio - INGV (   "      "     )
- Dr. Carlo Marcocci - INGV (Unit of Rome - N.E.C. National Earthquake Centre)
- Prof. Ignazio Guerra - University of Calabria (Physics dept.)
- Dr. Germana Gaudiosi - INGV (Unit of Naples - Osservatorio Vesuviano)
A significative prototype on a selected area has been prepared at the end of 2003. The selected area of interest was the 'Calabrian Arc', due to its importance for both the Tyrrhenian Sea geodynamics, and the southern Italy volcanic activity.
The new Project will be published in the renovated ReWARD web site and updated, as the data will be all retrieved and available.

Meroni F., Augliera P., Maistrello M., Rubbia G. (2002). Rapporto della commissione DOL - Database delle forma d'onda delle indagini a rifrazione/riflessione a grande angolo (R/WAR) registrate sul territorio italiano (DOL, Dss-On-Line).  
INGV internal Report, Milano, Sept.'02; 9 pp. [html]

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