ReWARD Project
Refraction/Wide-Angle Reflections Database
Unit of Milano 
INGV - Rome

R/WAR italian deep seismic data

   Main products and facts: [ W.G. activity ]
  • New software procedures for different sources (analog vs. digital; see data-format description);
  • DSS (A/D) and M88-FD digital data original processing (by I. Guerra, 2003);
  • possible new web presentation [ppt by R.Ferrari, 2003]; design of variables and relations (by C. Marcocci, 2004);
  • subset data testing and processing: the Eolian Islands and Calabrian Arc example (by G.Gaudiosi and G. Musacchio, 2004);
  • porting of the whole project from Informix platform to MySQL 2.5 open source into a local PC-Win2000 workstation;
  • sw possible development: DSS data format conversion, from ETH format to SEG-Y  [table]  [reference].
carried out in our lab
(Oct./Nov. 2002)
  • Trainer N. 1:
    • digital Mars88 data: its organization and pre-processing using an ad-hoc procedure;
    • writing a suite of Matlab modules for testing and processing of MARS-88/FD data, with a friendly user interface;
  • Trainer N. 2:

  • oral presentation at the INGV Web-WG (Rome, 22/05/2001) by M. Maistrello:
    • DOL-2000 and its development  [slides ppt]
  • poster presentation at EGS-AGU-EUG Joint Assembly (Nice, 6-11/04/2003), by G. Musacchio:
    • Structural significance of the south Tyrrhenian volcanism [abstracts pdf]
    • Archiving seismic R/WAR data from Italy and surrounding Seas [abstacts pdf, poster ppt]
  • oral presentation of  (22nd GNGTS Meeting, CNR, Rome, 18-20/11/2003) by M. Maistrello:
    • ReWARD (Refraction/Wide-Angle Reflection Database): the Calabrian Arc subset  [slides ppt]
  • poster presentation at XXIX Gen. Ass. of ESC (Potsdam, 12-17/09/2004)
    • Crustal structure of southern Tyrrhenian sea [abstracts pdf]
  • poster presentation at EGU General Assembly (Vien, 24-29/04/2005)
    • The crustal structure of Southern Tyrrhenian Sea subduction zone  [ poster ppt ]
interest in
ReWARD data

  • Eastern Alps data
  • All available Italian seismic data
    • R. Distefano (INGV, Rome, 2004) in the frame of INGV 'Waves' project (W.G. with C. Chiarabba, INGV-Rome and E. Kissling, ETH, Zuerich)
  • Long international Transects:
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