ReWARD Project
Refraction/Wide-Angle Reflections Database
Unit of Milano 
INGV - Rome

R/WAR italian deep seismic data

Previous project DOL(a): a summary   [old Team]
What? Partners
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Work: progress and products
First idea of a unique on-line database, after a look for available seismic archives. First project design, discussion, plan(1). Cilea proposal and contract Agreement (Cilea 2144/MC; June '96). CILEA
New suite of programming codes(2) for a complete digitization and pre-processing of analog seismic data (recorded on magnetic tapes, in standard Mars-66(3) F.M. mode)
Dss-On-Line rel.'98: implementation on Cilea server.
Analog seismic data (waveforms): digitization, loading and management; additional data (maps and sc. references); web pages validation and web-site analysis.
First web-site Deep Seismic Soundings On-Line (DOL): plan, project, modules, implementation, tests, reporting and updates.
- a paper published on Cilea Bulletin(4)
- presentation at XVII GNGTS Meeting(5) [ppt]
- another paper on Cilea Bulletin(6)

DOL-2000: final design with new tools and web facilities (www / pdf)
new contract with provider (Cilea 1719/MC; July 2000) with a time table plan
and a first administrator's guide(7); project modules and Gis tests. Hipertext documentation.
(from 1/'01)
-  new paper on Cilea Bulletin(6) and new web-site, active till end 2003 (
-  short report (in Italian)(8)
-  final hypertext (in Italian, June '01)(9)
a)   'DOL': an acronym for 'Dss-On-Line'
CILEA: Lombardy Inter-University Consortium for the Automatic Processing
CNR: the italian National Research Council; I.R.R.S.: former Research Institute on Seismic Risk
    d)   INGV: the new national Institute on Geophysics and Volcanology; INGV-MI: Milan Unit.


(3)   Berckhemer H. (1970). Mars-66 - Eine Magnetbandapparatur für seismiche Tiefensondierungen. Zeitschr. für Geophysik 36, 501-518
(4)   Ferrari R., Miglioli P., Maistrello M., de Franco R., Corsi A. (1998). L'esplorazione sismica profonda in Italia: dati 'Deep Seismic Soundings' in rete. Cilea Bull. n.63, June '98, 5-13 [pdf]
(5)   Maistrello M., de Franco R., Corsi A., Ferrari R., Miglioli P. (1998). DSS-On-Line: dati italiani di sismica attiva in rete. XVII GNGTS Meeting, Rome, Nov. 1998 [html]
(6)   Ferrari R., Maistrello M. (2000). Deep Seismic Soundings: il progetto continua. Cilea Bull. n. 74, October 2000, 11-14 [pdf]
(7)   Ferrari R. (2000). DOL: linee guida per l'acquisizione dei dati. A first guide for the Administrator of the seismic database [html]
(8)   Maistrello M. (2001). DOL: il primo atlante in rete di dati sismici italiani DSS e WARR. Y-2000 statement [html]

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