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Refraction/Wide-Angle Reflections Database
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R/WAR italian deep seismic data
Deep Seismic Soundings in Italy (R/WAR vs NVR)
DSS history (R/WAR) and first CROP (NVR) Profiles in Italy (1)

ITALY(2) 1956-'74
[ 10.860 km ]
ITALY(2) 1975-'82
[ 10.300 km ]
E.G.T-S 1982-'87

[ 3.660 km ]
ReWARD archive
DSS & SeaLand(3)
1st  C.R.O.P. (4)
N.V.R. profiles

(1) redrawn after: Morelli C. (1993). Risultati di 31 anni (1956-'86) di DSS e 7 anni (1986-'92) di CROP in Italia. Proceedings of 12th GNGTS meeting (CNR-Rome, 24-26/11/1993); Vol. I: 3-30 [ index File]
(2) these seismic surveys were mostly carried out in International cooperation, in the frame of ESC (Sud-Commission 'D') and IGC Committees (see ref. page)
(3) SEA-LAND Working Group (
1994). Recording of marine airgun shots in peninsular Italy, Sicily and Sardinia (SEALAND Project)
Proceedings of 13th GNGTS meeting (CNR-Rome, 28-30/11/'94); vol. I; 125-134 
(4) the map regards only the 1st part of CROP project lines; now it's available the final CROP-ATLAS, by Scrocca et al., 2004.

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