ReWARD Project
Refraction/Wide-Angle Reflections Database
Unit of Milano 
INGV - Rome

R/WAR italian deep seismic data
Project's Credits:

Many people of several Institutions helped in builting this final R/WAR data archive.
  • Project design: a special thank is due to all the INGV-MI Collegaues involved during 2002 in the so-called 'DOL' W.G., for the complete revision of the previous project and plan for the new one;
  • Web and PC facilities: for the useful porting in MySQL version, suggestions and collaboration of Cilea staff were appreciated; S.Marzorati (Simo, a colleague of mine) has been the appreciated Author of the global Italian maps;
  • Archive content: old digitized data were freely retrieved from our old digital IBM tapes using ASIT services of 'Bocconi' University, Milan. Recorded data: the following is a list of all the italian and foreign Institutions who participated to some italian deep seismic Surveys in the period 1970-'90, and gave us free copies of the recorded analog data and/or help us in the seismic data processing heavy (sometimes) jobs. In any case it was great to collaborate with so many Colleagues, in Europe. In this database we are happy to remember and thank all of them (sorry for possible oversight: in such case tell us, please). 


the National Research Council (CNR) who supported and financed the activity of the italian Explosion Seismology Group, active in the frame of the European Seismological Commission, sub-Commission 'D' (Deep Seismic Soundings). The following Institutes collaborated in several steps:
the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinshaft and Bonn-Bad Godesberg  ('Geodynamics of the Mediterranean Area' Program). Furthermore, the following Institutes collaborated:




other International Organizations:

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