ReWARD Project
Refraction/Wide-Angle Reflections Database
Unit of Milano 
INGV - Rome

R/WAR italian deep seismic data

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Redrawn after:
the Research Group for Litospheric Structure in Tunisia (*) (1991).
        The EGT-'85 seismic experiment in Tunisia: a reconnaissance of the deep structures.

      Tectonophisics, 207 (1992), 245-267.

H.Buness and P.Giese (Berlin), C.Bobier (Bordeaux), C.Eva, F.Merlanti and R.Pedone (Genova), L.Jenatton, D.T.Nguyen and F.Thouvenot (Grenoble), F.Egloff and J.Makris (Hamburg), A.Lozej, M.Maistrello, S.Scarascia and I.Tabacco (Milano), P.F.Burollet (Paris), C.Morelli and R.Nicolich (Trieste), T.Zaghouani (Tunis), A.Egger, R.Freeman and St.Mueller (Zurich).