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R/WAR italian deep seismic data

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This is a wonderful example of a reduced section-film using old N.Italy recordings.
Shot point: Lac-Negre (F), 1965; orientation:  LN -> ENE.

Main parametres:
Diployment: Azimuth: ~90°; Distance-interval: 40-400 Km; Number of rec. points: 60; reduction Velocity: 8,00 km/s.
Deduced(2): Critical distance Δc: 70 [km]; red. travel-time Tc at Δc: 2,75 [s]; Cross-over distance [Km]: 145; Moho depth-d.: 30 [km]


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Bollettino di Geofisica teorica ed Applicata (B.G.T.A.), vol.XIII, n.51-52; Sept.-Dec. 1971; 211-240.
(partly presented at the XIV IUGG Gen. Assembly, Zurich 1967).

Giese P., Prodeh1 C., Behnke C. (1967):
Ergebnisse refraktionsseismischer Messungen 1965 zwischen dem Französichen Zentralmassiv und den Westalpen.
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